R1010A Process Engineer Chemical-Mechanical / JV-R1010A PsE-PA

Company Name:
FCIPS / Fredd Colletti Internet Personnel Services
PROCESS ENGINEER, $75 - 80's plus 8-10% bonus.
This position provides direct process engineering and development support to the manufacturing operation near Downingtown, PA., ensuring a high standard of support for the product lines, and optimum processing conditions with awareness for Safety, Health and Environment, cost and product quality. Emphasis will be split between the current product lines manufactured at the plant: Filled PTFE Compounds (composites of mainly PTFE and various fillers for primarily the automotive industry) MPC Compounds (composites of fluoropolymers with various fillers for the wire and cable industry).
Plans key projects, update plans as needed and maintains project plans for key programs
Initiates work and, as necessary, organizes teams to address process related issues.
Works closely with Technical Service to: provide timely and thorough resolution of complaints, interpret customer requirements and organize internal programs as necessary, develop new processes to meet customers needs and company needs in terms of process and QC capability
Responsible for all manufacturing process instructions for the appropriate work area. Communicates with production to ensure current practices and methods are clearly defined. Train plant operators as needed
Assists with troubleshooting current processes and making improvements to equipment. Identifies issues with processes and equipment, coordinates repairs /upgrades/modifications, and leads implementations.
Develops new processes or methods for producing products that improve yields or quality and meets SHE requirements.
Conducts process equipment trials at vendors facilities as needed.
Prepares trial plans and formal reports for trials. Coordinates semi-works or production trials as necessary to better understand the process, formulations or development needs for new products.
Utilizes SPC, monitors and analyzes process performance data in terms of yield and quality and strives toward continuous improvement of results. Ensures that process engineering activities have minimum impact on production.
Leads monthly Process Engineering meetings, provides monthly highlights to appropriate plant personnel, provides specific process reports as required.
Develops standard operating instructions for production of compounds.
Ensures all ISO procedures are rigorously followed.
BS degree in engineering, mechanical or chemical preferred, or 10 years of industry related work experience
3-5 years of process development or applicable engineering experience
Intermediate computer skills, specifically MS Office, SPC, DOE and statistical knowledge required, Access a +
Excellent problem solving, communication skills, both verbal and writing, influencing and team building skills, self starter, able to work autonomously
NOTE: Due to potential immigration or relocation issues, recruitment for vacancies may be restricted. PLEASE Specify Citizenship Status: Citizen, Greencard, Permanent Resident, Canadian, etc.
RELOCATION Assistance: Although not currently available as such, there may be a modest lump sum available.
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GOOD KEYWORDS: Qualified Candidates should include as many GOOD KEYWORDS as possible, in Cover Letters AND REVISED Resumes, as referenced above - IF they are appropriate! Please list specifics: BS-ChE or ME, PTFE, MPC, SHE, Automotive, Wire&Cable, Tech Service, QC, Process: Instructions, Modification, Trials, Improvement, Equipment: repairs, upgrades, modifications, SPC, ISO, MS-Ofc

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